Scavenger Cycles offers repairs for all types of motorcycles and dirt bikes.

Our full service facility in Pottstown, PA is staffed with technicians able to perform any service or repair your bike may need.


Call us today at 484-800-1475 to schedule your service appointment.

Oil & Filter Changes
We offer oil changes using both conventional and synthetic oil from top oil manufacterers and have most filters in stock so we can change your oil while you wait.

Brake System Maintenance
Our technicians can diagnose and repair any brake system issues your bike may have. We stock many new and used brake system components so that we can get you back on the road quickly.

Tire Mounting & Balancing
Not only do we have both new and used tires in stock in many common sizes but we can also install them for you. We offer full service mounting and balancing, or you can bring in your wheels and we can get the tires you need mounted and balanced for you, often while you wait.

Carburetor Service and Rebuild
Carburetor cleaning at our facility is done by highly skilled workers using both industrial solvent and ultrasonic cleaning equipment. Commercial size ultrasonic cleaning equipment allows full racks of carburetors to be cleaned without the risk to seals and gaskets that solvents pose.

Fuel System Service
When a bike experiences fueling issues or has been in storage for a long time, the fuel system needs to be cleaned and inspected. We can diagnose and flush fuel systems to keep your bike running at its best.

Electrical System Troubleshooting
Diagnosing electrical system issues can be one of the hardest jobs out there. Our staff is trained in diagnosing the issue and correcting it. Whether it's the nest of wiring on your custom chopper or a factory system that just isn't working quite right, we have the knowledge to get you back on the road.

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